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We provide technology and consulting services that include, among others, IT services, custom web design, logo design, social media, and marketing services.


Las Vegas Web Design Services

Web Design

Las Vegas Web Design understands that a custom website designed by a professional website designer is very important for your business. For over 14 years, our team has been involved in creating hundreds of cost-effective, custom designed websites for our clients. From one-page starter sites, to highly complex, custom designed websites, Las Vegas Web Design can do it all.

Logo & Graphic Design

Our logo design services include one-on-one contact with your designer that will present you with up to five concepts and allow you multiple revisions until you are 100% satisfied. Our team of experienced graphic designers can design templates to meet all your business needs, ensuring that the designs are not only pleasing to the eye, but also don't deviate from your branding standards and key message.

IT Support

When your technology isn’t performing, neither is your business. Yet many companies don’t find it cost-effective to employ full-time IT personnel. Las Vegas Web Design is your answer – personalized, always-on technical support that works within your budget. Think of it as your internal IT team, externalized. Our capabilities include: • Computer repair • Networking setup • Server maintenance • Domain set-up • Software updates and installation • Hardware and software diagnostics ...all delivered in person or by phone or email.


Video is one of the best ways to get attention in this new world of technology. Weather you need help editing videos for your social media campaigns or looking to make a full music video Las Vegas Web Design can help. Contact us today to start planning your next video project.

CRM Development

What is a CRM? CRM stands for "Customer relationship management" they are used to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. Need help? Las Vegas Web Design can not only help you design and manage your CRM we also help develop them and make them work specifically for you company and employees. Forget about using excel spread sheets and start using a CRM that can help you track everything you need to successfully grow your business.

presentation design services

Presentations are all about a essential narrative and easy to understand visuals. Our talented presentation designers can help you with both. But that is not were we stop. In order to give a great presentation you also need to know what you will need at each event to make sure everything runs flawlessly. What kind of sound system will be supplied? Will the graphics appear precisely on the screen supplied at the location? We also help you practice the presentation before hand to ensure your product is sold to its fullest potential.


Our skill set is everything your looking for.

Consider the many aspects of your business it takes to make it run well. Now imagine if all of these components were moving together, completely in sync, for total efficiency.
That’s what Las Vegas Web Design does. By offering a complete scope of services encompassing web, branding, design, marketing, CRM development, data services and IT, we provide a way for all of these efficient functions to work together. The result is greater focus. Greater efficiency. And greater success.

Say goodbye to the frustrations of fragmentation. Say hello to Las Vegas Web Design.



IT Support




Search Engine Optimization


E Commerce


CRM Solutions


Our Process

Our first priority is to appropriately service our client’s needs.

  • Project Scope
  • Visual Design
  • Site Development
  • Site Testing
  • Site Maintenance


Graphics, Logos, Websites, Videos and more. Each project unique in it's own way and no two businesses alike. We work with all types of companies big, small, entrepreneurs and entertainment.


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Web design Pricing

We have two options for our clients to help fit your budget and get you up and running fast.

Bulk Rate

$ 500 +
50 x 25 x 25
  • Each website is unique to the company it is built for and to give a flat rate would be unfair to you and to us. Lets talk about your needs and goals so we can create the perfect website for you.  Our Bulk Rate Plan are for the customers that don't like having a monthly fee hanging over their heads.  We charge 50% x 25% x 25% agreement.  50 percent of the total cost will be due at the start of the project and the website will have 2 milestones the first of which an additional 25 percent will be due and at the final launch of the website the final 25 percent will be due.
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Monthly Rate

$ 200+
  • Our monthly rate plan is just that we will break up your total fees into 2-3 years. Over that time period you will receive monthly maintenance for your website and we will make sure your site is running smooth.  This plan is for companies that don't have a bulk amount of money handy and need additional help to get things up and running.
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